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Euron Is My King

2017-07-23 23:11:04 by Lusin

Joffrey is dead, so this guy is the next best option.


2017-05-11 21:43:58 by Lusin

This is awesome. I feel so legit now. Now people on the internet won't think I'm such a filthy-casual.

I'm doing stuff, Lori.

2017-04-12 06:06:20 by Lusin


Holy hell. I am so hyped. House Lannister for life.

Game of Thrones: Season 6, Episode 6 (SPOILERS!)

2016-05-30 17:38:50 by Lusin

Margaery Tyrell doesn't do the Walk of Atonement? ...DISAPPOINTED!!!! High Sparrow, you are truly an evil mastermind.

Game of Thrones: Season 6 is Tonight!

2016-04-24 16:23:41 by Lusin

I'm really excited. House Lannister 4 lyfe.

Better Call Saul Finale and How I Feel (Potential spoilers)

2016-04-19 03:19:21 by Lusin

Chuck has a grudge against Jimmy because their mother loved Jimmy more? Well, no duh. With the way Chuck behaves, it's no wonder why his mom likes Jimmy better and why Rebecca left him.

Now Chuck is gonna pull a Saul Goodman and sue Jimmy?! Fuck Chuck, man. Hope that guy chokes on some more electricity. Ernie is one cool guy, if only Jimmy, Kim and Ernie could go back to the time in the mailroom...

I don't want him to die, he is far too interesting a character to kill off but... Chuck's a prick.

Elementary School Story - Snowball Fight Turns Violent!

2016-02-13 03:04:28 by Lusin

A remastered version of my previous Snowball Fight Turns Violent video with no subtitles and a new background. My computer f'd up and I lost all the original files so I had to redraw all the character CG's but after a week of work, it tis done. 


The first version is here: 


I'm glad to be uploading a video made entirely by me on Newgrounds, finally. 

School is over for me and I'm glad it is. Phew! Now I can focus on other stuff and thangs. I'm getting back into animation and I'm making a Spongebob cartoon. I really hate Mr. Krabs, don't you?2613173_142985241252_newgroundsspongebob.png

I Changed My Username

2014-11-21 05:26:12 by Lusin

I am no longer NAVeX-Sniper. I am Lusin. I wear suits and I'm awesome. 

My reason is changing my username is because my original username didn't have much thought put into it. It had no real meaning behind it other then I thought it sounded good. It's time for a fresh start. I'm growing up and I think my username should have actual meaning behind it. I've sorta rebranded myself. Recently, I changed my personal logo and now my username. Perhaps it's time to take a few steps forward professionally. Suit up.

...I watch too much How I Met Your Mother.