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Even though this is parody, I like that you clearly shown King Boo's life within the canon Nintendo universe.

King Boo is a suburban ghost guy who wants to hang with his ghost buddies and drink beer all day in the alley. However, he has these stupid, autistic brothers named Mario and Luigi constantly harass him as you've shown around the 9 second mark.

King Boo also has a stupid wife who constantly disturbs his peaceful time away from work to do some stupid shit like take out the garbage. King Boo isn't the kind of guy who would tell his wife to fuck off or that he'll do it later; he is a ghost of action, so he takes care of the garbage right at that moment; however, his ghost friends leave since the fucking wife ruined the goddamn mood.

Despite King Boo's reputation as a villain, you've have rightly shown him to be a super-chill ghost dude who has done nothing wrong, and all he wants in the afterlife is to not get hassled by his fucking ghost-wife or some retarded brothers, and drink some beer with his friends.

You couldn't put music in this animation?!! Don't you know that a ballet animation without music is like fire without heat?!!? There was absolutely no way for me to enjoy this 10 second anime without music.

Your "sorry" in the description falls on deaf ears. My disappointment is at an all-time high. It's all your fault. Tears are falling down my face as I am writing.

The awesome, graceful ballet displayed in this 10 second anime was absolutely meaningless without some smooth music. Put some Panic! At the Disco music on this, then we'll talk.

C-Mthini responds:

I animated this shit with Flipaclip on my iPad! I needed credit card money to put music into animations, but couldn't! Goddamn! You don't appreciate shit I make! If you don't wanna see my shit, then don't visit my newgrounds page! 😡

You asked why don't the popular kids want you? As a legit member of the Popular Kids Klub, I'll tell you why.

It's because you are so awesome. You have it all: looks, talent and money. Fuck, I mean, us popular kids see you over there on the patio and think to ourselves "Damn, this fucking dude is so goddamn cool and shit, how dare he be cooler than us! We're the popular ones, we deserve to be the best at everything!!!"

That is why we decided to shun you. It's all a conspiracy. Yup, that's right.

We popular fuckers had to make you an outcast before you could exceed our cool levels or something. No one can outdo us on the coolness chart. Fuck that shit.

I hope this information serves you well.

I betrayed the popular kids and told you all of this because the cool kids leader, Clyde Cash, took a shit-ton of my goddamn french fries during lunch. Like... holy hell, dude? Can't that stupid jock have the common decency to at least ask before snatching my fricken food and stuff?

I must now flee the country because the popular kids are hunting me down for betraying them and giving you this valuable information.

C-Mthini responds:

Wow. That is bullshit.

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Greatest stick run of all time.

A good point and click game

This had a lot of work put into it. I'm very impressed.

The animation is pretty good, but I think it's could be better as well as the music.

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