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Not that anyone cares but it's more of a disappointment to myself. I started this visual novel since the summer of 2011 so as of today, 2 halloween's will have passed without this being done. The time I had to finish this was more then enough but I was too lazy to put in the work. I won't post this game on any other date except Halloween because... IT'S A GAME ABOUT HALLOWEEN. If I submit this on some other day then it defeats the purpose of making a game about Halloween.

I'm going to get this visual novel done. ...Not that anyone cares.

Stoner on Halloween 2 Not Completed


2012-06-29 00:13:33 by Lusin

I finished a new animation about 2 months ago called "Justin Bieber Eats Poop" and I decided to upload it now because I was not lazy today. Do a poor teenager (me) a favour and watch it if you haven't already.

I also started a new game (A visual novel sorta). I started on it during the summer of 2011 but I was lazy and still haven't finished it. It is the successor to a previous flash I made back in 2010 entitled "Stoner on Halloween". This time you actually click on things (YES ! CLICK ON STUFF!!!) and make many different choices to determine your outcome. It's gonna be a little like the horror game Exmortis. If you don't know that game I recommend you play the series, it's on NewGrounds. It has no official name as of yet, I've been calling it "Stoner on Halloween 2" as some sort of codename.

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Here is the half-completed main menu of the upcoming game:


Asian Doritos #2? Hacking?

2011-12-17 13:37:51 by Lusin

I'm making this new post for because SOME people are pissed, sending me LOTS of hate messages and even spamming my Newgrounds and Youtube account.

I have no idea how my Asian Doritos animation got #2 on the top 100. Was it hacking? Was it luck? A glitch? Tom Fulp decided to be gracious to some kid? Maybe. I don't know. I didn't even know "aboot" (yes people, "aboot") it until the messeges came into my inbox.

I'm Rich Bitch!

2011-05-17 00:31:27 by Lusin

Take that!

I'm Rich Bitch!

Guess what I am

2010-07-02 00:39:19 by Lusin

Me and a friend of mine made a flash movie together and it's awesome!
Check it out! It got an award!

New year

2009-12-31 23:08:17 by Lusin

good bye 2009... Hello 2010

New animation

2009-12-29 05:50:44 by Lusin

Im gonna be uploading a new animation soon (not that anyone cares)

New animation