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You definitely dunno.

Not animation.

Another stolen japanese cartoon. You didn't make this.

If you're gonna upload something that's not yours, at least upload something good like an episode of the Breaking Bad anime.

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Don't steal.

It is a black screen.

It's actually not bad, good even. The game works, no bugs I could find, the music is fine but I wish there is a mute button. Good job for around an hour of work.

MrNob0dy responds:

Thank you. I always forget to add a mute button. I will remember next time!

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This is the same song you uploaded before with no changes at all. This is still a masterpiece though. You should really think about composing music for video games because you would easily make lots of money with your skill.

Woah! You completely blew my mind with how great your song is, man. You are a god-tier composer.

This song is totally not stolen at all. I heard this exact song on youtube. Some channel with like 12 million subs stole this from you. You gotta hit them with a copyright strike pronto; no sarcasm whatsoever, dude.

This is the best thing I've ever heard. I cannot believe you composed this by yourself. You are on another level of musical genius no one on this Earth could possibly comprehend.

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This nun is utterly beautiful yet badass. I love the armour; it's practical and not overly bulky in that it doesn't look like it impedes movement. For goodness sake, I am so sick of extremely non-practical semi-nude armour worn by females in video games. You don't have to be naked in order to be beautiful! You did well with this illustration.

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Rocktopus64 responds:

I actually like silly fantasy armour, even though I never draw it.

Thank you!

Zarya looks like a beefed up version of Vi from League.

Well you gave me a good laugh!

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