I Changed My Username

2014-11-21 05:26:12 by Lusin

I am no longer NAVeX-Sniper. I am Lusin. I wear suits and I'm awesome. 

My reason is changing my username is because my original username didn't have much thought put into it. It had no real meaning behind it other then I thought it sounded good. It's time for a fresh start. I'm growing up and I think my username should have actual meaning behind it. I've sorta rebranded myself. Recently, I changed my personal logo and now my username. Perhaps it's time to take a few steps forward professionally. Suit up.

...I watch too much How I Met Your Mother.


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2014-11-21 11:40:41

Don't worry, I watched the entire show, it's totally worth it.

Since you haven't got a real relation to your former name, I understand why you changed it. Out of curiosity (maybe just my lack of knowledge), why did you change it to "Lusin"? It's not because of the russian mathematician I suppose?

Lusin responds:

I changed it to Lusin because it is my first name. Heh, nothing to do with the Russian mathematician bro. Suit up!


2014-11-23 22:35:01

Agreed, great show. And it's cool you decided to follow me, I decided to do the same. I chose my name in a similar way, just taking two things I like.

Lusin responds:

We gotta have each others backs! Which reminds me... Bro Code Article 53: A Bro will, whenever possible, provide his Bro with protection.


2015-01-18 16:06:36

I did the same pretty recently :D

Lusin responds:

Nice bro!


2015-03-17 14:25:52


Lusin responds:

I'll bring him back as soon as he puts on a suit.