Breaking Bad Episode 14

2013-09-16 01:38:46 by Lusin

I just finished watching the newest episode of Breaking Bad. It was so suspenseful and such a tear jerker but I'm still rooting for you Walter (Heisenberg)!

Speaking of Walter, Walter jr. finally does something active in the show and gets off the crutches for the first time for some minor "wrestling". I was so completely blown away by tonight's episode and my heart's still pounding from it!

God I love this show.

Breaking Bad Episode 14


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2013-09-29 01:12:57

I hope you're caught up on episode 15 as well, because the finale's almost here.

Lusin responds:

I am. I can't wait for the finale! I hope Heisenberg will destroy everyone and everything and re-create a new age of glory.