Stoner on Halloween 2 Not Completed

2012-11-01 02:13:19 by Lusin

Not that anyone cares but it's more of a disappointment to myself. I started this visual novel since the summer of 2011 so as of today, 2 halloween's will have passed without this being done. The time I had to finish this was more then enough but I was too lazy to put in the work. I won't post this game on any other date except Halloween because... IT'S A GAME ABOUT HALLOWEEN. If I submit this on some other day then it defeats the purpose of making a game about Halloween.

I'm going to get this visual novel done. ...Not that anyone cares.

Stoner on Halloween 2 Not Completed


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2013-08-20 23:50:24

i see what you did there

Lusin responds:

Why yes. Yes you did.


2013-08-26 21:03:29

You're right, I don't care.


2013-08-31 18:59:58

Yeah. Good call on your part. I don't care either.