2012-06-29 00:13:33 by Lusin

I finished a new animation about 2 months ago called "Justin Bieber Eats Poop" and I decided to upload it now because I was not lazy today. Do a poor teenager (me) a favour and watch it if you haven't already.

I also started a new game (A visual novel sorta). I started on it during the summer of 2011 but I was lazy and still haven't finished it. It is the successor to a previous flash I made back in 2010 entitled "Stoner on Halloween". This time you actually click on things (YES ! CLICK ON STUFF!!!) and make many different choices to determine your outcome. It's gonna be a little like the horror game Exmortis. If you don't know that game I recommend you play the series, it's on NewGrounds. It has no official name as of yet, I've been calling it "Stoner on Halloween 2" as some sort of codename.

I am 16 and I don't have a job so until I get one, Click here to donate by paypal: http://bit.ly/Mb9tA9

And Subscribe to me on youtube for more videos and animations:

Here is the half-completed main menu of the upcoming game:



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2012-10-07 19:00:36

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Lusin responds:

Your comment is cool cool cool cool ma n***a.